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Saturday, November 7, 2009 ;
9:56 PM
i hope i didnt see the wrong date. hah-s.

6S Forevaaaaaaaaa <33

Sunday, November 1, 2009 ;
5:01 PM
Holidays are here!!!
:D guess most of you are bored huh? :P

Anyway I heard this preaching which is really cool. No I'm not trying to make u guys to Christians lol, just wanna share how to break the boredom.

The question is not what you wanna do next, but who you want to do with. Imagine going to a  movie theater and all your friends want to watch this show. But you really want to watch another. Definitely you'll join your friends right?

Sometimes(ok its from the last generation but I kinda also do it :D) you can just grab some food and stuff and actually sit down and chat with your friends all day long somewhere and chat. Or you can visit your friend's home and play together(ok sounds childish but you know what I mean :P)

Anyway we need a forum D: Blog is very hard to chat.(Sidetrack)

Short one lol, cause I can't remember at the moment. Maybe if you have a boredom-buster! thing to do, share it :D

Anyway gtg now. School awaits! (Gosh for once I'm so happy there is school, because at least I wont rot at home...or maybe slouching is a better word....or maybe crouch potato.)

Baibai ^w^

6S Forevaaaaaaaaa <33