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Tuesday, June 16, 2009 ;
11:26 PM
Ok, Bj has suggested gathering during Dec holiday. He said chalet (highly impossible) or bbq. For bbq, may can if Thr's enough ppl to help prepare. Can't be just 2 to 3 ppl prepare a bbq for such big group of ppl.

Now if got kind soul out thr, can go around asking for suggestions. If really thr're ppl interested in having class gathering, then we can organise.

Best is that ppl volunteer to help out in organising the gathering. You all can help in contacting, buy stuffs, set up or anything.


6S Forevaaaaaaaaa <33

Thursday, June 11, 2009 ;
8:08 AM
Last post - April Fool's Day.
It's so long since somebody has updated.

I'm going to discuss about class gathering,
but i doubt there'll be any reply.
First of all, it's impossible to have it during this hoiday
most probably it'll be during the Dec Holiday.
You can expect us calling you asking bout these stuffs.
(too early?)

Any suggestions? Place? Do what?
Or you think that should not be even a gathering?
One hard thing. Contacting the people.
Everyone's so busy that it's hard finding a day and time to meet up.
Or too busy to be contacted.

I'm just blah-ing, not knowing what to type.
Btw, Da Qiao is now repainting.
It's super colourful.
Every level has it's own colour and a different door colour.
You all may know that the P5 campfire was like 2 weeks ago.
I don't know how it went.
(anyone went back?)

I think that's all from me.
If you guys have time, make a trip to Da Qiao
to see Mrs Yap, Mr Foo and other teachers.
Mr Foo still remembers us. Haha
Talked to him some time ago.


6S Forevaaaaaaaaa <33