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Tuesday, July 22, 2008 ;
7:34 PM
new updating on Da Qiao

25 July 2008, Da Qiao, is having their annual games carnival.
it's like the same like last year (if i'm not wrong)
I not sure if we can go back or not.
i think they will have early dissmissal, 9.30 like that.
So i don't we all can make it.

the next event should be National Day
i don't think we will be able to go back too.

So i can say that the only gathering we can have a gathering
on Teachers' Day!!
yay!! WE'll be able to meet then!

*ok i know all those was just crap,
but i don't want this blog to be dead! (:


6S Forevaaaaaaaaa <33

Friday, July 4, 2008 ;
7:36 AM
new post coming up!

Today and tomorrow, 6 June, there's the MOE Excel Fest..
i hope Da Qiao will be participating too! this year's poster for MOE Excel Fest 2008,
has our sch pic on it!

hia.. when will be the next class gathering?
i hope it won't be on teachers' day!
i want more gatherings!! with the whole class present! :)

i hope everyone's doing fine! Common Tests are coming again..
And it'll be soon end of the year..
time really flies... we're soon going to be sec 2.

6 Sapphire'07~

6S Forevaaaaaaaaa <33