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Monday, February 25, 2008 ;
3:22 AM
TODAY is Marilina's birthday! :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HER!!!!
It really has been a long time since 6 Sapphire pupils gathered.I supposed our next gathering will be at Teacher's Day as that will be the day when most of us can make it. We can also probably make our gathering during the March Holidays.

This above post is posted by SOCKHUI! :D

please give suggestions of our next gathering!
i really miss 6 Sapphire'07!

6S Forevaaaaaaaaa <33

Sunday, February 24, 2008 ;
3:13 AM
how is everyone? fine? how's your school life, cca, homework, friends and yourself?? i hope everyone is doing well!! :) Well, 6 Sapphire'07 has not gather together as a class for a very long time. so... when will be the next class gathering in the near future? during the march holidays? or it will only be on Teachers' Day? any suggestions when will be the next class gathering? give some suggestions at the tag box or create new post.

thank you!!
always 6 Sapphire!!

6S Forevaaaaaaaaa <33

Sunday, February 10, 2008 ;
6:58 AM
Okay, finally theres a post yeah?
I realised that the taggers are getting lesser.
C'MON! Why are the taggers seems like only qingyi, valerie, yanxiu,miaozhen,michelle and me?
So, 6sapphire only consists of so little people?
This blog gonna dead soon.
People like weiliang, bohjun,andrew,ryan?
Anyway, the gathering during chinese new year was not a success at all.
We could not see the teachers and many had left when some of us reached there due to our dismissal time.
I hope that the teachers day gathering WOULD be a success.
TAKE CARE, 6sapphire!
Enjoy your secondary school life!! :DDDD


6S Forevaaaaaaaaa <33