Da Qiao Primary; 6sapphire'07<333

Saturday, March 22, 2008 ;
12:38 AM
This is the lists of events in Da Qiao this year:

Dates: Events:

23rd & 24th May - P5 Camp for all P5 Pupils

21stJuly - Racial Harmony Day

25ndJuly - Games Carnival

8thAugust - National Day Celebration

29thAugust - Trs' Day Celebration/ Be Yourself Day/ ACES Day

19thSep - Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations

30thSep - Children Day/ Parent Appreciation Day/ Hari Raya Celebrations

24th Oct - Deepavali Celebration

14th Nov - Annual Prize-Giving Day cum P6 Graduation Ceremony [Morning]
P1 Orientation [Afternoon]

We may have class gatherings on some occasions...

6S Forevaaaaaaaaa <33

Tuesday, March 11, 2008 ;
2:22 AM
hi people.
The gathering was quite a success one. Anyway, we hope that this would keep going.
Hope that more people can turn up the next time.
Unlike today, there were only twelve people.
Maybe we can have the next gathering on the June Holidays.
Please start suggesting the venue.
For the date and time, would be further discussed again when the day gets nearer.
Yup, jia you people.
Aim for all As for our Sa1.
Time flies really quick. In a blink of an eye, one term has just passed.
So.. treasure your time and study hard !

6S Forevaaaaaaaaa <33